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Perfect Josh

In honor of Father’s Day, I must dedicate a post to my incredible, unbelievable husband, Josh. In some circles, he has been referred to as PJ–that is Perfect Josh, to the uninitiated. He will be mortified that there is a post that is this gushing and complimentary. That is one of the virtues of why […]


#TBT- Dancing Sylvie

Sylvie is a dancer. She does not limit her dancing to the confines of her home or dance studio. She will freestyle just about anywhere. She choose to do so in the streets of Lucca when we visited Italy last summer. Please note the Haacker men playing around in the background.¬†This will not be the […]


Caprese Salad on a Stick

For a great appetizer that travels well, may I suggest a caprese on a stick. I like recipes, but have never written one. I will try to get better at details as the recipes get more elaborate. [ingredients title=”Ingredients”] little mozzarella balls fresh basil balsamic oil ¬†extra virgin Olive oil sea salt cherry tomatoes [/ingredients] […]