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Catching the Northern Lights

The real mission of our Norwegian trip was to see the Northern Lights. But, there is no way to guarantee that we would. That is why all the websites talk about “chasing the lights”, to romanticize the notion that one could travel a very long time to see absolutely nothing.  Our best chance was to […]

Norway, Travel

Adventures on the North Sea

As part of our epic Norwegian adventure, we thought it would be (in theory) very cool to take a working ferry boat for a couple of nights to cross the Arctic Circle. There are boats that cruise up and down the Northern Sea coast, traveling along dramatic fjords and criss-crossing in and out of the […]

Norway, Travel

Cloudberries and Ibsen

Norway was never a country on my “must do” list. I grouped it (as does US geography in school) with its Scandinavian brethren, Sweden and Denmark. But, as we planned our winter break and decided to chase the northern lights, it became clear that Norway was our destination. A country of around 5 million people, […]