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Top Five: London’s Best

I love a good list. They make for good click bait, are easy to read AND offer the allure of a highlight reel. For our purposes, it is a fun way for the family to decide collectively what the best things are about certain parts of our trip. We called a family meeting in our […]

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Jet Lag, Small Hotel Rooms + Other Travel Glories

There is a time on every holiday when a vacation call feel like work. Sometimes that moment pops up after traveling for a long time (many weeks) or a long flight. We had a shining moment last night. In London, hotel rooms, like in NYC are teeny-tiny boxes. We are in a beautiful little hotelĀ in […]

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Sunny London

I know that is not the typical state of weather, but the sun has been shining since we got here yesterday. You can tell this is the kind of city that doesn’t get a lot of nice weather, because every square inch of every park is taken by people sitting out and enjoying the sunshine. […]