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La Scultura (Post III by Josh)

I wanted to carve a buffalo. Why a buffalo? Well, I wanted to attempt a figurative sculpture rather than something abstract (a decision I would later learn that was likely a more difficult path for a first timer). The simplest answer would be because that’s where I from – Buffalo, NY. It’s a city that […]

Italy, Musings, Travel

Riverstones (Part II by Josh)

Our first activity Monday morning was to head to the river to select our stones. To me, this sounded both completely idyllic and highly improbable. If there were good pieces of marble in the river, then: 1) why were they still there and 2) how did there always manage to be enough “good” stones available […]

Italy, Living, Musings, Travel

Il Campo (Part I by Josh)

The following is an actual transcript of a completely fictitious interview that never took place. A correspondent for La Dolce Vita Family recently sat down with Josh to discuss his time at the sculpture camp, or Il Campo. Interviewer: Josh, you could have done pretty much anything with your “personal time” in Italy, so why […]