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It’s the journey, kids…

On our drive to the tippy-toppy north of Scotland, I happened to spot an unassuming building called the Geological Exhibition and Shop. Some of you already know this, but I have been quite taken with rocks and minerals from a very early age. The darkened room of gems in the Natural History Museum was always […]

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Top Five: Scotland’s Shiniest

We have spent ten days in Scotland. We experienced the hottest day on record for the year, 81 degrees. It is a verdant and pretty country, with a clear pride in being part of the United Kingdom, at least for now. The Scots are friendly, funny and hearty–to generalize greatly. There was much heated discussion […]

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Sea Shell Hunting on the Scottish Coast

My brother-in-law asked us today on FaceTime if we knew what day of the week it is. The honest answer was we were not sure. Vacation has officially set in. We travelled to the northern most point of Scotland yesterday, John O’Groats. For those of you in LA, that name means a delicious breakfast spot […]