Top Five: London’s Best

I love a good list. They make for good click bait, are easy to read AND offer the allure of a highlight reel. For our purposes, it is a fun way for the family to decide collectively what the best things are about certain parts of our trip. We called a family meeting in our hotel room and voted on our favs.

So here I bring you our first family Top Five list. Some commentary has been kept in its original form (straight from the kids).

  1. Gopal’s¬†– Delicious Indian food in the heart of Soho. Plates were scraped clean.
  2. National Maritime Museum- Lots of good old stuff and helped to teach us about world history and clocks. Also it was very interactive.
  3. Big Ben- it was bigger and more beautiful than I thought.
  4. Matilda– Getting to see a musical in the West End. Bonus that it was a British show.
  5. Boat ride on the Thames. Fun to see the different architecture and the city from a different perspective.