Sunny London

I know that is not the typical state of weather, but the sun has been shining since we got here yesterday. You can tell this is the kind of city that doesn’t get a lot of nice weather, because every square inch of every park is taken by people sitting out and enjoying the sunshine. There are a few things that we have noticed as a family since we have been here for just over 24 hours:

  1. A lot of people smoke here. Not even the newfangled e-cigs, the real kind.
  2. Many women are wearing overalls. I am not happy with that trend. No good can come of it.
  3. The after-work pub scene is in full summer swing. People are spilling out of every corner pub.
  4. Harrods is the coolest department store ever. We spent an hour in the 5th floor Toy Kingdom, where salespeople all over the sales floor did live demonstrations of the toys.
  5. Museums are free.

We visited the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Both packed, both free. We highly recommend the earthquake exhibit in NHM. The kids really liked the fact that the recognized the museum from the Night at the Museum movie series.

Tomorrow we’ll hop on the touristy double decker red bus around the city and a cruise down the Thames. It looks like we’ll have sun the whole time we are here.