Perfect Josh

In honor of Father’s Day, I must dedicate a post to my incredible, unbelievable husband, Josh. In some circles, he has been referred to as PJ–that is Perfect Josh, to the uninitiated. He will be mortified that there is a post that is this gushing and complimentary. That is one of the virtues of why he is aptly named–he is humble.

Josh is a dad who, despite working intensely at a high stress job coached Noah’s baseball team for two seasons. He never missed a soccer game for either kid. He sticks to our Saturday night date nights even when he is exhausted.

He makes breakfast for the kids every morning. He cleans all the pots and pans after dinner at night. He can do plumbing, electrical and basically anything around the house that needs to be fixed.

Josh bakes cakes for each of our kids’ birthdays. He orders fondant on amazon and stays up until midnight crafting, from his imagination and freehand, the shape and cake of our kids’ choice. No matter how wiped out his is after a day of work, he has time to play with the kids in the yard, read them Harry Potter or wrestle on the floor.

I know what you are thinking, Josh is too good to be true. And I agree with you. Not only is he incredibly handsome, brilliant, athletic and hardworking, he is loving, funny, honest and self-reflective.

The truth is, no one is perfect. But, Josh is someone who I can say really makes me want to be a better person every day because I am with him. He is a loving, generous son, a committed friend, an amazing big brother, an extraordinary husband and partner in crime AND a dad my kids are so blessed to have.

So, on this Father’s Day, before we head out on our big adventure, I have to take a moment and share my love for our Perfect Josh.


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  1. […] There is something that you should know about Josh. This was a VERY hard thing for him to decide to do. He is committed to spending time with his family more than anyone I know. The thought of him being away from his kids for a week or more actually stressed him out. And you wonder why his nickname is Perfect Josh. […]

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