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The Top Ten Things I will Miss about LA

This list is not really in order, except for #1, of course. My older brother and younger sister both live in LA as do my parents. It is not an easy decision to move away from my family, particularly given how tight-knit we are. But, as I keep telling everyone, this is just a year […]

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Making a Grand Brentrance

With all of this talk of the Brexit, we are picking an interesting time to begin our year abroad. We’ll be in London for five days and then onto Scotland for another ten days. We will get to experience firsthand a kingdom not-so-united. I am really looking forward to conversations with people in both countries, […]

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Sylvie Goes to Sleep Away Camp

There is a rite of passage for many kids across the US of a certain age—summer camp. The more rarefied version of this—sleep away camp. I had the benefit of getting to go to a few sleep away camps in my youth. Josh did not. So, when I floated the idea to him that it […]