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Time to Go Home

Today is our last day in Europe. We’ve been traveling around for the past month, from the peaks of the alps to the crystal water of the Mediterranean. Now, we only have one thing left to do. Go home. I mean, really home. We are in Torino again today, a city that we’ve really grown […]

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How to be Lazy in Sardinia Without Really Trying

We’ve done it. We’ve achieved total lazy vacation nirvana. Here we are, on Sardinia, a pretty big Italian island in the Mediterranean. We have nothing to do. On purpose. Here is a sample of our average conversation. Me: “What should we do today?” Kids: “Beach. Eat lunch. Then beach again. Then pool.” Me: “Sounds good”. […]

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Amalfi Coasting

When planning for our Italian wind-down, we thought it would be fun to end on a super relaxing note. It is summer. It is hot and crowded. This is not the time to schlep around Rome. This is the time to get close and into the ocean. Two stops on the Amalfi coast seemed like […]