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Sylvie’s Spain

During siesta today, Sylvie asked if she could write an essay instead of reading or studying math. I tried to contain my excitement and said, “Whatever you want, sweetie”. I have included a picture of her finished product. Below is the transcript if you are having a hard time reading her (perfect) handwriting in the […]

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Siesta Day in Spain

We have been traveling for over three weeks now. We’ve been in three countries, taken numerous flights, been in six different hotels/Airbnbs. For the past five days, our home has been the little fishing village of Porto Colom, Spain on the island of Mallorca. This is the perfect place to take a siesta day. No, […]

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Swimming in the Mediterranean

I grew up in Southern California. My father is an incredible swimmer. My sister and brother are fearless in the ocean. Me? Scared of waves, don’t like cold water. I spent a few summers trying to keep up my big bro on boogie boards. After getting sufficiently pummeled, I decided at around age 16 that […]