Sylvie’s Spain

During siesta today, Sylvie asked if she could write an essay instead of reading or studying math. I tried to contain my excitement and said, “Whatever you want, sweetie”. I have included a picture of her finished product. Below is the transcript if you are having a hard time reading her (perfect) handwriting in the image. Please note she made her own lined paper. My spelling may be a bit different than hers.

DSC00697Spain is really pretty, hot and full of shops and yummy food! All the beaches are beautiful. The water is so refreshing in the sea and the sand is so white and fluffy. We have a cute bakery a block from our house, and my family and I went to the bakery for breakfast and I got the best croissant ever! We rented a tiny boat and went all over Portocolom. We were going to get off the boat and swim but we didn’t have an anchor but we should have. It was wonderful. I had a great trip. There was much more but I couldn’t write that much. By Sylvie.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.