Swimming in the Mediterranean

I grew up in Southern California. My father is an incredible swimmer. My sister and brother are fearless in the ocean. Me? Scared of waves, don’t like cold water. I spent a few summers trying to keep up my big bro on boogie boards. After getting sufficiently pummeled, I decided at around age 16 that the ocean was for looking at, not swimming in.

When you have kids, you get to experience the fear and love for the ocean all over again. My sister taught my kids to karate chop the waves, which basically gives them the excuse to run fearlessly towards the ocean as the water breaks on the sand. I admire their gusto for the ocean and their apparent inability to feel the freezing waters of So Cal.

Well, I can say that I have found my ocean, and it is a sea: the spanish Mediterranean to be more specific. We are on the beautiful island of Mallorca, a stunning archipelago next to Ibiza and its little sister Menorca. Coming here was my idea. It’s a bit off the beaten path for Americans, but I wanted to stare at the sea for a week and Josh was happy to oblige with a spanish island destination. I saw pictures of the crystal clear, turquoise waters and white sand and wanted to see it for myself.

The beaches here are insane, like, you can’t believe they are real, gorgeous. Many are set back into little bays (calas), so they are protected and calm. I threw my goggles into the suitcase at the last minute, thinking that it might be clear enough to look for fish. Well, I have worn those puppies every day and gone for REAL swims in the ocean. I have never done that before. I mean, point towards the horizon and just swim. Usually towards a buoy in the far distance, or a rock formation, but swimming in the open ocean water. I know most of you are not impressed by this. Many of you already do this. But, to see the fish swimming under you, clear down to the ocean floor some thirty feet below is thrilling. Did I mention the water is warm? And there are no waves? Yes, this is a sea worth coming to, not just to look.