Torino: Top 10 Miss/Won’t Miss

Torino: Top 10 Miss/Won’t Miss

I am not going to get too nostalgic (yet) about our time here. We are down to just over one month left in Torino. I want to share a few highlights of every day life here. I won’t dwell on how much I have loved spending time with my family (actually, I will at some point dwell, just not today).

Ten Things I will Miss the Most:

  1. Speaking Italian.
  2. Seeing the alps at the end of my street.
  3. Waiters walking with espresso cups on trays to deliver them to the local shop owners.
  4. Gerla, our neighborhood café.
  5. Seeing our kids in uniforms getting off their school bus in front of our apartment.
  6. Not having a car to worry about.
  7. The smell of bakeries as you walk by.
  8. The seasonal fashion and tight pants of men in all seasons.
  9. Church bells and quiet Sundays.
  10. Endless bounty of food, wine and gelato (surely this deserves its own post).

 Ten Things I won’t Miss at All:

  1. Speaking Italian.
  2. Dog owners not picking up after their beloved canines. Gross. gross. gross.
  3. Torinese drivers actively trying to run you over, especially in crosswalks.
  4. People smoking everywhere.
  5. Italian bureaucracy-including but not limited to: waiting in crazy lines of all kinds, immigration and the Italian postal service.
  6. Taking five hours to do a load of laundry. Sorry, I am still not over it.
  7. The newspaper guy driving the scooter down my street at 4:00am every morning.
  8. Stores being closed every day from 1:00-3:30, also Sunday, also Monday until 3:30pm. Come on, Italy.
  9. Expensive taxis that sometimes go on strike.
  10. Needing exact change everywhere.