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Our Adventure Begins

On the 4th of July, and the last day for us in the US, our family has a collective sense of nerves, anticipation and excitement. Josh and I were talking late into the night last night about how hard this has all been. There has been an endless stream of lists, many frustrations and a […]

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Making a Grand Brentrance

With all of this talk of the Brexit, we are picking an interesting time to begin our year abroad. We’ll be in London for five days and then onto Scotland for another ten days. We will get to experience firsthand a kingdom not-so-united. I am really looking forward to conversations with people in both countries, […]


#TBT- Dancing Sylvie

Sylvie is a dancer. She does not limit her dancing to the confines of her home or dance studio. She will freestyle just about anywhere. She choose to do so in the streets of Lucca when we visited Italy last summer. Please note the Haacker men playing around in the background.┬áThis will not be the […]