No Family without Meatballs

Food is not just sustenance for Italians. It is a passion and a way of life. “Eat to live” is not a thing. There was a TV commercial that I saw this week that really struck me. A mom was saying that she couldn’t make meatballs without the right sauce, […]


The Christmas Season (by Josh!)

Season’s Greetings!  This is Josh providing (limited) blogging relief to Jessica, for the first of a couple of holiday-themed posts… Fact:  Italians know how to entertain and enjoy life.  Each day is a celebration of food and drink and family.  So when one of the biggest holidays of the year […]

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Italian Graduation- CiaoItaly School

Ok. We did not really graduate. But, Josh and I took our last Italian class this week. December is a busy month, with the kids’ school and lots of trips planned (more on those later), so we decided to take a break from our formal Italian education. I do admit […]