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A Perfect Day in Tuscany

Warning, this is a true account of an actual day. If you are not in the mood for a self-congratulatory, detailed description of a vacation day in Tuscany, read no further.  I am in Tuscany with my family of four, and with my sister, Rachel and her hubby and two […]


Spanish Spring Break

We had 10 days off for the kids’ last official school vacation, so we decided to head out of Italy (how much pasta can one really eat? Sigh.). Last summer, we only went to the island of Mallorca, so we were excited to get the kids to see some of […]


The Overly-Loved Tourist Trap

As we have crisscrossed Europe this year, we have visited some major tourist attractions. We go to Scotland; we visit Loch Ness. We go to Rome; we visit the colosseum. We go to Barcelona; we visit La Sagrada Familia. However, these big ticket locations have really  never been the best […]