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An Italian Picture is Worth…

The week-plus that we spent with my sister and her family was absolutely one of the highlights of the year. I wrote a post about a single day in Tuscany in great detail. I kind of just wanted to let some of the pictures do the talking for the rest […]

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Torino: Top 10 Miss/Won’t Miss

I am not going to get too nostalgic (yet) about our time here. We are down to just over one month left in Torino. I want to share a few highlights of every day life here. I won’t dwell on how much I have loved spending time with my family […]

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Portrait of a Tuscan Artist

One of the things that Josh and I wanted to do while we were in Italy was to take the time to do something for ourselves. Not as a couple, but as a solo pursuit of something that we never have the time for. We wanted to take a vacation […]