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Top Five: Travel Success with Kids

In recent years, vacations have become jammed in when we could find the time to get away from work.┬áThis trip is unique in that we actually have time! But, alas, we also have kids. That means the rules of long-term travel must shift a bit. Now that we are veteran […]

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Sea Shell Hunting on the Scottish Coast

My brother-in-law asked us today on FaceTime if we knew what day of the week it is. The honest answer was we were not sure. Vacation has officially set in. We travelled to the northern most point of Scotland yesterday, John O’Groats. For those of you in LA, that name […]

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The Lunacy of Loch Ness

For those of you not up to speed with your Scottish geography, Loch Ness (translation: Lake Ness) is nestled in northern Scotland near a town called Inverness (population 72,000). In looking for a restaurant review on Yelp last night, I read this gem of a description “Inverness is a hell-hole. […]