Halfway Home

Sometime in the past few weeks, we hit the halfway point of our year-long sabbatical. We just bought our tickets to go home to LA at the end of July 2017, so it is official. Josh is getting morose and saying that we are already on the downhill slope. I […]


Adventure of a Lifetime

‘Tis the season when Spotify (my streaming music service of choice) offers “Your Top Songs 2016” as a playlist. They know exactly what I’ve been listening to all year. It was not surprising to see Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime┬átop the list. We’ve adopted that as our family theme song […]

Living, Musings

Italian Graduation- CiaoItaly School

Ok. We did not really graduate. But, Josh and I took our last Italian class this week. December is a busy month, with the kids’ school and lots of trips planned (more on those later), so we decided to take a break from our formal Italian education. I do admit […]