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A Dryer in Italy

I know that I have been viewing Italian life through gelato-colored glasses. Besides whining about the difficulties with our visas, I’ve been sharing almost exclusively positive, rosy stories about our sabbatical year thus far. Maybe because I have felt sick all day, or maybe because there is construction on both […]


Zucchini and Ricotta Sauce

We made this sauce in our Torinese cooking class. In Italian it is called sugo alle zucchine e ricotta.¬†We ate it atop fresh spaghetti that we made. It would also be great on a penne. As with Italian cooking, even our printed directions (in Italian) were a bit vague on […]


A Torinese Weekend in Fall

The weather in Turin has finally turned. We all got to bundle up and actually feel a chill in the air. Our first real “fall” is finally here. Sylvie and Noah, being native Angelenos, have never actually lived in a city where the temperature fluctuates more than 20 degrees in […]