Portrait of a Tuscan Artist

One of the things that Josh and I wanted to do while we were in Italy was to take the time to do something for ourselves. Not as a couple, but as a solo pursuit of something that we never have the time for. We wanted to take a vacation from our vacation.

There is something that you should know about Josh. This was a VERY hard thing for him to decide to do. He is committed to spending time with his family more than anyone I know. The thought of him being away from his kids for a week or more actually stressed him out. And you wonder why his nickname is Perfect Josh.

Work stations in the bucolic valley.

Anywho, if you have seen Josh’s birthday cake creations, you know that he has a latent artistic talent. It seemed incredibly perfect for him to explore that gift in the country where art was born, lives and breathes. So, he found a two-week long marble sculpting course in a tiny hamlet in Tuscany.

Day #1, selection of marble from the river (!)

So, that is where he is right now. This is day #3 for him. He is eating three course lunches with wine and carving marble for eight hours a day. I am not going to steal his thunder; you can look forward to reading about his experience firsthand.

Day #2, already taking shape. Please note Picasso-esque shirt. This guy is serious.

I will just say this; I am so glad that he took these two weeks to be an artist. I look forward to having his finished piece at our house in Los Angeles. It will be a palpable reminder that it is important to take time for yourself. And to eat three course lunches. Stay tuned for words from the artist himself.