Our Adventure Begins

On the 4th of July, and the last day for us in the US, our family has a collective sense of nerves, anticipation and excitement. Josh and I were talking late into the night last night about how hard this has all been. There has been an endless stream of lists, many frustrations and a big emotional toll on us.

It was not easy to leave our family in LA. It was stressful to quit our jobs. The amount of planning and coordination this took was almost too much for us. But, we keep reminding ourselves that this is going to be worth it. We are so optimistic that this can really be an adventure of a lifetime (cue ColdPlay song).

What we have realized more than anything is that we want our kids to be happy and safe. It has taken planning a move across oceans to elucidate that simple fact. No matter where we are or what we are doing, those two things are paramount.

I am proud of our family for taking the risk and doing what so many people say they have always wanted to do. I am humbled by how hard it has been. But, most of all, I am just content knowing that wherever we are in the world, we are home because we are together.